Yearly Archives: 2017

Choir visit to Middi Haines Court

Half the choir sang to the residents of Middi Haines court and afterwards joined them for a chat and lots of sweets and cake. Well done to Penny for singing a solo too!

Koala & Kangaroos Classes: Santa’s on STRIKE!

Today Koalas and Kangaroos did a sterling job, performing their Christmas production to the rest of the school, including our special guests from ladybird class! The children not only learned all their lines and songs…we also added another language (British sign language) be sure to look out for it when you come to watch. We thought you may like some sneak peek  pics. Enjoy.

This term in art club

Art club have been exceptionally busy this term! What with the whole school rivers art project day and working with the fantastic Artist Amy Jane Addams. Followed by our pirate ship competition entry for the Wyvern theatre. We have also been busy making wonderful products to sell on our Christmas fayre stall! The wonderful Mrs Tuck and I are so proud of all art

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Swimming Letter

Dance Club

Online Booking for Breakfast & After School Club

Koalas Class: Finding Otzi

As part of our topic Koala class went outside to find a disturbing scene! A Neolithic man had been discovered in our woodland area. Upon further investigation in the class room we discovered the man was not real but a cleaver reconstruction (made by our wonderful Miss White) of Otzi the Iceman. The children were very excited and have produced both news and police

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Koalas Class: Museum box

We have been so lucky this week! We have received an artefact box from the Corinium Museum we had so much fun exploring artefacts from the past along with some clever replicas. At one point we even had or very own Neolithic boy and girl in class!  

Koalas Class: Christingle visit

his term Koala class had a visit from Bella and some friends from church, we discovered the story of Christingle and how to make one to take home. What a special afternoon!

Choir visit to Newburgh House

Half the school choir sang to the residents of Newburgh House and then afterwards sat with them to have a chat and a drink. Thanks to Jasper for singing a solo too, well done!