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Kestrel Class: Christmas Jumper Day

Year 6 posing in their Christmas jumpers for Christmas jumper day.

Kestrels Class: Christmas DT

Here is a selection of some of the fantastic cards that Kestrel class designed and made themselves. For all children this activity took a lot of resilience, with constant re-threading of needles, but the results speak for themselves and were definitely worth the hard work.

Kestrels Class: Christmas Workshop

We were lucky to have had members of St Michael’s church visit the school and hold a Christmas workshop with every class. Here we are making Christmas lanterns. We also investigated texts from the Bible to find out what parts of the Christmas story are mentioned in different books. Many thanks to Bella and her team for running such a fantastic workshop.

Kestrels Class: Battle of the Beaks

To start the science topic on evolution, the children took part in a battle of the beaks. Charles Darwin had studied the different shapes of the beaks of finches whilst on his trip to the Galapagos. Whilst there he started to formulate his theory of evolution. The children had different shaped ‘beaks’ and tried to eat a variety of food with their beak. We

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Kestrels Class: Refraction Experiments

Here are some more practical science investigations looking at the refraction of light. The children were looking at the effect water has on bending light as well as splitting light into the colours of the spectrum.  

Kestrels Class: Periscopes

As part of our science topic on light, the children investigated how light travels using mirrors. This led to the construction of home-made periscopes. As can be seen, they are very useful for looking around corners, the ultimate spy tool!

Kestrels Class: Invictus Games

While some children were away at PGL in October, the remaining children had fun in school learning about the Invictus Games. These games for ex-military athletes injured in conflict inspired the children from Year 6 to make up their own Invictus games and create information posters about them. The children demonstrated fantastic team-work and resilience.

Kestrels Class: Fire Safety Training

Kestrel Class received a visit from the Fire and Rescue Service. The children learnt about the importance of working smoke alarms, how to make a 999 call and fire escape plans. There was also an opportunity to try on some of the equipment!

Kites and Kestrels Class: Term 3 Topic Web

Kite Class: Term 1 Australian Host Country Work

Over term 1 Kite Class have created an aboriginal dance in PE, created a poster about the Invictus Games held in Australia, researched how drought affects Australia and created an aboriginal lizard design in art.