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Westrop Primary & Nursery

Westrop Nursery 2-5 Year Olds


Opening hours

Nursery sessions 8.45am – 11.45am and 11.45am – 2.45pm

We offer breakfast care 7.30-8.45am and after school care 2.45 – 5.30pm

Funded sessions are available and can be used as flexibly as possible.


2 year old sessions - £5 per hour

3 year old sessions - £4 per hour

 Breakfast Club                                                           Afterschool Club

7.30-8.45am = £4                                                    2.45-4.00pm = £4.50

8.00-8.45am = £3.50                                              2.45-5.00pm = £8.00

                                                                                     2.45-5.30pm = £9.00

We accept childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare credits and early years funding if eligible.‌

Information on Government Funding for Early Years Childcare Provision

There may be government funding available for 2 year old children if certain criteria are met. There are forms available from the school reception identifying the criteria, or you can contact Swindon Borough Council directly on 01793 466314 or email them at 2yearolds@swindon.gov.uk. A maximum of 15 hours per week are available if you fulfil this criteria, and these are known as 'Universal Hours'.

For children who have turned 3, Nursery place funding is available from Swindon Borough Council for a total of 15 hours a week from the term following your child's 3rd birthday - this is known as 'Universal Hours'. If your child is to attend multiple nurseries, then the 15 hours is split between each setting (if you intend for your child to attend another Nursery as well as Westrop, this must be notified to us upon application). You do not need to apply for the government funding, however you will need to complete and sign a 'Parental Declaration Form 2018' which will be issued to you once the offer of a nursery place has been made.

From September 2017 the government rolled out 30 hours funding nationally on a phased basis. This means that as well as the 15 'Universal Hours', you may be eligible to an additional 15 hours known as 'Extended Hours'  If you would like more information or to check if you are eligible for this funding, please visit the Government/DFE information on the government website, visit the Childcare Choices website or contact Swindon Borough Council by emailPlease note, this funding must be applied for in advance, ie the term prior to when you wish to use the funds should they be available to you. Late claims will mean your child will not be eligible for this extra funding until the following term.

 Applying For A Place At Westrop Nursery

You can register interest in your child attending Westrop Nursery at any point by filling in an application form (downloadable from the Admissions tab).

Alternatively, you can collect a Nursery Admission Form from the school reception or email the office. It will also be necessary for us to see your child's birth certificate.

The Staff Ratio

Staff ratio for our 3-5 year olds is set at a minimum of 1 member of staff to 8 children and a qualified teacher.

For our 2-3 year olds it is set at a minimum of 1 member of staff to 4 children.

What does a day in our nursery look like

The daily routine for each age group provides a wide variety of stimulating activities designed to promote and broaden key aspects of a child’s development. Each day is planned and implemented by the staff and takes each child’s interests and starting points in to consideration.

The nursery staff focus on many areas of a child’s development where good communication between staff and parents plays a vital role in gaining success. For example, parents can update us about a child’s weekend on our online learning journey, Tapestry, and staff using it to regularly update with observations and progress on each and every child.

The two nursery rooms are full of resources appropriate to the ages of the children including a home corner with kitchen area, dressing up equipment, construction areas, small world, creative, book areas and general messy play areas. All toys stimulate the children's sensory requirements and encourage exploration and investigation.

The children have access to free flow inside and outside using bikes, trikes, and play in the mud kitchen making soups, potions, sandwiches and pies.

The children go out in all weathers using our all-in-one waterproofs to collect eggs from our chickens and play in our forest area.

Our 2 year olds have a quiet area where they can sleep if needed and if it’s part of their home daily routine. Each child has their own sheet and blanket and staff remain in the room, within ratio, at all times.

All Nursery children have access to the school hall for PE.

A healthy snack is provided free for all children within the Nursery, both morning and afternoon.


Research shows that spending time in nursery education enhances a child’s development and puts them in good stead for starting school.

Building Relationships
It is important for children to have the ability to build relationships not only with children but with adults, other than family members. Even though that may seem tough for parents to accept it’s a very important part of life. Nursery allows children to interact with children and adults in a safe and secure environment which helps to nourish and grow them as people.
Children learn to play together and start to form stronger relationships with other children and become friends. Building on those relationships will help each child to grow and learn which will help other key skills to develop.

Socialising and communication is a key part in the development of young children. Learning to interact with other children will not only help them in the preparation for school but it helps develop those skills for their adult life.
It will also help with other things such as learning to share and making friends which go hand in hand. Children can begin to understand what sharing is and how to deal with it by communicating and experiencing those new feelings.
Communication skills are crucial for young children, they determine their powers of thinking and understanding. They also make them feel good about themselves and the two things are intertwined – feeling good about yourself and feeling confident enough to develop your thinking and understanding


Communication about how our child has been during nursery time is always great and staff always take time to listen.

"The staff know the children extremely well and appreciate their individuality."

The children are offered a huge variety of play opportunities and experiences.

"The emphasis on emotional literacy is wonderful."

My child is happy and well cared for.

"A lovely Nursery, very informative teachers and very friendly."

My daughter was very shy when she started at Westrop Nursery and now she is so independent and confident and loves coming to school.  A big thanks to her teachers and all of the staff in Ladybird and Bumble Bee class, it is an excellent nursery.