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Owl Class: Haka

In dance, Owl class has been learning the Haka. Inspired by watching clips of this performed at rugby matches, this week, the children have been creating their own Hakas. They look pretty scary to me!

Owl Class: Christmas Baking

In the run up to Christmas, Owl class turned their hand to baking. Pastry was rolled out and mince pies made, along with different shaped Christmas cookies. These were all enjoyed at the Christmas carol concert. The children also made individual Christmas cakes which they expertly decorated before taking home to (hopefully) share with their families.

KS1: Welcome letter Spring Term

KS1: Spring Term Topic Web

Owl Class: Sewing

In Owl class we linked our art and DT together to make Christmas stockings. Inspired by the work of William Morris, the children sketched ivy and poinsettias. They then simplified these sketches to create a design for a lino cut. Once the lino cut was carved, the children carefully printed onto white fabric. A template was drawn and the stockings were cut out. After

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Parrot Class Year 2 : A midwife Crisis

Well done on your fantastic performance! We were all very proud of you.

Puffin Class: Nativity – A Midwife Crisis!

We are so proud of each and every one of our children for taking in part in such a successful nativity this year! Take a look at our costumes and see if you can guess what parts we played!

KS1: Christmas Pantomime – Aladdin!

The Pantomime came to Westrop this morning! Aladdin flew in on his magical carpet, accompanied by Jasmine, the Genie and sneaky Jafar… All children had a wonderful time joining in with singing the songs and echoing ‘boo’s’ around the hall.        

Puffin Class: Christmas Dinners & Christmas Cooking

Lots of fun was head by Puffin class today! We practised our cutting skills in cooking by making Christmas fruit kebabs before then enjoying a festive lunch all together.  

Kite Class: Science Lessons

This term Year 6 have been learning about properties and changes in materials. We have looked at the viscosity of table sauces, the elasticity of elastic bands, materials that conduct or insulate electricity, materials that make the best thermal insulators, mixing solids and liquids and finally if all changes in materials are permanent.