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Kite Class: The Explorer

Kite Class have thoroughly enjoyed reading The Explorer during Guided reading.  This is an exciting story of four children who find themselves stranded in the Amazonian Rain-forest. Their brave tale has inspired Kite Class to write their own diaries as if they were stranded themselves in The Amazon.  

Kite Class: Electrical Game

Kite Class have really enjoyed designing and making an electrical game to test other peoples knowledge of mountains, rivers and biomes. The aim of the game was to match questions and answers to complete an electrical circuit.  If the player was successful, either a lamp would light or a buzzer would sound.

Kite Class: Amazonian Indigenous tribal artwork

Kite Class have been looking at Amazonian Indigenous tribal artwork. Whilst different tribes share similarities in the way they produce art, each tribe have their own identity. The children then created their own tribal artwork.  Using lino tiles, Year 6 then engraved a chosen design in preparation for printing next term.

Kite Class: Electricity

In science this term Kite Class have been learning about electricity, they have learnt how electrical components are represented in diagrams. Using their current guided reading book, ‘The Explorer’, the children used their knowledge and skills to construct a ‘sensor’ circuit to detect if any dangerous wild animals enter the camp. Year 6 have also researched and created a booklet on Allessandro Volta,the Italian physicist who invented the electric battery.

Kite Class: The Highwayman

This term year 6 have read the narrative poem ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes.  They wrote letters in role to either the Highwayman or Bess and  also wrote their own alternative ending to the poem. Kite class particularly enjoyed the final stanza where we find out that the ghosts of the Highwayman and Bess meet over and over again on winter nights.

Kite Class: Science Lessons

This term Year 6 have been learning about properties and changes in materials. We have looked at the viscosity of table sauces, the elasticity of elastic bands, materials that conduct or insulate electricity, materials that make the best thermal insulators, mixing solids and liquids and finally if all changes in materials are permanent.

Kite Class: Air Ambulance

We were lucky today to have a visit by Simon from Air Ambulance. He talked to Kite Class about making a 999 call, CPR and life threatening emergencies, using a defibrillator, placing a person in the recovery position and what to do in the event of someone choking. The children were then able to perform CPR on dummies.

Kite Class: Topic

This term Kite Class have been learning about the Victorian Era. The children have looked at Queen Victoria and different milestones in her life. The class looked at the British Empire during Queen Victoria’s reign and thought about the positive and negative effects that the Empire had on its members. They have researched the clothing worn by wealthy and poor families and then used

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Kite Class: Literacy during Term 1

Last term Kite Class enjoyed reading Skellig by David Almond. Their literacy work throughout the term was based on this book and involved them describing settings with atmosphere, writing a formal letter to the main character Michael, writing character descriptions, researching and then creating a fact file about garden birds and finally writing a book review.  

PGL 2019

Despite the weather we are having a great time.