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Koala Class: End of Term Party

Koala Class: Our Trip to the Ashmolean Museum

Koala class visited The Ashmolean Museum this week for a fun filled day of creating, sketching, observing and handling some Anglo Saxon artefacts. We spent the first half of the morning doing some studio crafts. We created our own Anglo Saxon coins and broaches for us to wear throughout the day, it was great fun. After our craft session, we toured the museum and

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Koala and Wombats Class: Term 6 Topic Web

Koalas Class: Pizzas

This term, Koala class have been learning all about different foods as part of their topic ‘What’s on the menu?’ To end the unit of work, Koalas had a great time designing and making healthy pizzas. They chose from onions, peppers, sweetcorn, pineapple, cheese and ham. They cooked their pizzas and enjoyed eating them whilst discussing our favourite pizza toppings. Here are some pictures

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Koala Class: Rangoli Patterns

We have been making Rangoli patterns as part of our Host Country Nepal to celebrate Holi. We made Rangoli patterns using chalk on the playground and coiled paper.

Koala Class: Saxon Villages

We worked in teams to make our own Saxon villages out, we thought about the features of the villages and what they would have had nearby.

Koala Class: Viking Long boats

In topic, Koala class have been designing and making their very own Viking longboats using plastic bottles, straws and other materials. They worked collaboratively with a partner to carefully construct their boat and these are some of our wonderful long boats.  

Koala Class: World Book Day

Koala and Wombat Class: Term 4 Topic Web

Term 3 Teacher

Term 3 Teacher