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Owl Class: Haka

In dance, Owl class has been learning the Haka. Inspired by watching clips of this performed at rugby matches, this week, the children have been creating their own Hakas. They look pretty scary to me!

Owl Class: Christmas Baking

In the run up to Christmas, Owl class turned their hand to baking. Pastry was rolled out and mince pies made, along with different shaped Christmas cookies. These were all enjoyed at the Christmas carol concert. The children also made individual Christmas cakes which they expertly decorated before taking home to (hopefully) share with their families.

Owl Class: Sewing

In Owl class we linked our art and DT together to make Christmas stockings. Inspired by the work of William Morris, the children sketched ivy and poinsettias. They then simplified these sketches to create a design for a lino cut. Once the lino cut was carved, the children carefully printed onto white fabric. A template was drawn and the stockings were cut out. After

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Owl Class: The Girls Victorian Day

For our Victorian school day Owl class transformed into the girls classroom. Both year 5 and 6 girls came together (once they had paid for their education that is). The girls enjoyed Mrs Beaton’s (A.K.A Mrs Christopherson’s)  baking session which was followed by music and a good old fashioned rendition of all things bright and beautiful. The girls then went out for some fresh

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Owl Class: Insulating hands

Owl class has been investigating materials and their changes. We have completed many exciting practical investigations, including an investigation into how to insulate ice hands. The photos show children exploring the materials they chose to wrap the ice hands in, and how well they were insulated. We have loved this science topic so much and are so pleased that it will continue into next

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Owl Class: Drumming

Owl class has loved working with Luke this term, we have been learning new rhythms and breaks on the Djembe drums (you may have noticed  tapping and clapping at home as children have practised the breaks). Our favourite break to  learn this term was the Mozart break, which fitted into our Victorian topic beautifully.  The Masha rhythm was tricky but most of us mastered

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PGL 2019

Despite the weather we are having a great time.

Owl Class: Topic Letter

Owls Class: Topic Web Term 1 and 2

Owl Class: An Exciting Morning at Warneford

Owl Class visited Warneford this week for a morning of DT and Science workshops. We spend the first half of the morning doing some textiles. We created little keyring pouches with our choice of colours and designs. It was great fun; we learnt how to do a running stitch and we all came home with our own keyring. After break, we went into the

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