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Wombat Class: Cave String Printing

Wombats did a great job at using string to print their cave painting designs. They found it tricky to glue the string down and make sure the paint only went on the string but they kept persevering and were happy with the results. They look fantastic!

Wombat Class: Stone Henge and artefacts

Wombats had a fantastic afternoon at the beginning of our topic looking at artefacts from the Corinium museum in Cirencester. They tried to sort them into primary and secondary sources and work out what the objects might have been used for. We even tried on some clothing that was similar to what they wore in the Stone Age-Iron Age. To finish off our learning

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Christmas Play Photos

Here are a few pictures that you are welcome to download of the Christmas Plays that took place in December. Butterfly and Ladybird Classes Ladybird Class Penguin Class 1 Penguin Class 2 Parrot Class Koalas Class 1 Koalas Class 2 Koalas Class 3 Koalas Class 4 Wombat Class 1 Wombat Class 2 Wombat Class 3 Wombat Class 4 Owl Class 1 Owl Class 2

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Wombat Class: Welcome Back Letter

Wombat Class: Topic Web Term 1 and 2

Wombat Class: End of Term Party

Wombat Class: Ashmoleon Visit

On Monday, Wombat Class along with Koala and Kangaroo class went on a trip to the Ashmoleon Museum in Oxford. We were all very excited as we had been learning about the Anglo Saxons in previous terms, and now, we were in the presence of some real artefacts from hundreds of years ago. Our group started with a hands on investigation of an Anglo

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Koala and Wombats Class: Term 6 Topic Web

Wombat Class: Bert Gee Visit

On Friday, Wombat Class had a visitor from Bert Gee. Bert is an inspirational speaker who lives with a condition called Arthrogryposis, a disability that severely affects muscles and joint movement. He spoke to us about how he has overcome challenges in his life. We tried to do things the same way he would – having to get up off the floor without the

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Koala and Wombat Class: Term 4 Topic Web