Clearing the school woodland day 1

Saturday 9am and armed with cake, the ingredients for bacon butties and plenty of tea and coffee, I arrived at school with Mr Christopherson to start day 1 of the great school woodland clear up. Mrs Powell had already been to open up the bungalow and Mr Conlan had let in the skip lorry. Mrs Patterson was already hard at work strimming down the chest high nettles and elderflower. Waiting at the gates were parents Matt, (complete with truck full of garden machinery), Hayley, Mark and Emily. They soon got to work strimming and raking and hacking back our very overgrown woodland. Matt carved a story telling chair out of an old tree trunk and created a new bench. Throughout the morning Miss White and her partner Matt, Miss Corsan and Miss Acres all appeared to lend a hand with raking and moving woodland debris and kept everyone supplied with food and drink. By the end of the first day the huge skip on the playground was almost full! The woodland was beginning to take shape.