Kites Class – Studying William Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’

The children from Kite class have thoroughly enjoyed reading the story of ‘Macbeth’ together this term! We discussed the ideas of greed, jealousy, power and destruction and learned about the different characters (considering the, often selfish, motivations behind their actions).

It has been a delight to witness the children so engaged and interested in a tale that was written hundreds of years ago and, as a consequence, their work has been truly magnificent! Well done Kites!

We wrote in a variety of ways in response to the story – personal responses to selected scenes; character portraits of the three witches – using simile and metaphor to help the reader ‘visualise’ what we described; bold newspaper articles detailing the death of King Duncan – using a sensational journalistic style; non-chronological reports about modern-day Scotland following our own extensive research; and an evaluation of whether we considered the character of Macbeth to be a ‘villain’ or a ‘victim’ – looking at evidence within the text.


In addition to our written work in English, Macbeth had an influence on some of our creative art work too! We used watercolour paints and black card to create suitably atmospheric silhouettes of the story’s principal characters. We are also in the process of designing and making our own biographies of William Shakespeare, for which we made some striking front covers.


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