Koalas Class: Reported Dragon Sighting!

Last week, Koala class investigated a reported dragon sighting in the school’s woodland area. We went on a dragon hunt to look for evidence of the beast. Unbelievably, the dragon had left behind an egg, burnt wood and talon marks.
Koala class were given the challenge to identify what type of dragon it may have been. We researched different types of dragons and read the book Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris to help us. From this, we decided that the dragon could have possibly been a fire dragon because of the burnt wood found.
To alert the rest of the school, the children created:
• Dragon descriptions.
• Illustrated and labelled dragons.
• Dragon passports.
• Wanted posters.
The children will be continuing to monitor the dragon’s whereabouts and are in the process of producing news reports to alert the wider Highworth community.


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