Octopus Class – Freeze It

This week in Octopus Class we have started our new science topic ‘Freeze it’. We have been inspired in our writing, using adjectives and noun phrases to describe some of our favourite characters, including Scrat, Manny, Diego and Sid. We enjoyed watching some clips from Ice Age movies, as well as using Ice Age cuddlies to help inspire our descriptions. Miss Rogers is impressed with all our super writing!
During science, we have also been thinking about all things Ice Age, and in particular have been exploring ice and water. We had an exciting afternoon in which we got to experiment with ice and water, using cups, plates, beakers, sieves and thermometers (to name a few). Whilst exploring and interacting with these materials, we were able to elicit some of the properties, with lots of children using very scientific vocabulary such as highlighting water as a ‘liquid’ and ice as a ‘solid’. The children were also able to explain that water is smooth, wet, can be poured and takes the shape of a tub, whilst ice is solid, hard, freezing and cannot be poured or sieved.