Gifted and Talented

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Gifted and Talented, What do you need to know?



There is no set definition for Gifted and Talents. As a school we use the following definition from the DCSF;

“Children and young people with one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group”

Gifted: High achiever in academic subjects e.g. Maths and English.

Talented: Demonstrating skills in practical subjects, sports or leadership

  • Children are nominated each year by their class teachers, subject leaders and support staff.
  • Usually this will be about 5% of the class, but this will differ from class to class.
  • Children may be identified because of their results in assessments, observations or achievements both in and outside of school.



You will be notified by your child’s class teacher at the first parents evening.

If you feel that your child shows a particular gift or talent and has not been identified, please talk to your child’s class teacher.

t Westrop we have a ‘Challenge for all’ policy which means that during every lesson there is no ceiling for a child’s learning no matter what their abilities. Children are extended through flexible groups in lessons where they can set their own challenge level.

Children who show talents in certain areas are extended through additional provision or after school clubs to allow opportunity for pupils to share their skills.



You can support your child by offering additional opportunities outside school for your child to share their Gifts and Talents with others. The following website has links to resources to support Gifted and Talented pupils:          

adobe     Gifted and Talented Policy – June 2015


8 children pay £30 to go to Llanrug. How much did they pay altogether?

It cost £500 for all the children. How much is the school contributing?

Please show completed challenges to Mrs Jeynes in The Den to collect a prize.