Turtles Class: 3D Sweet Shapes

Today in Miss Rogers’ maths group we started our new topic with an exciting (and edible) activity. The children took part in an immersion activity for 3D shape with a set of build-it tasks set by Mario. As well as being able to name 3D shapes, children are required to be able to label and identify the number of edges, vertices and faces. To help the children visualise this concept, they had a go at building some 3D shapes using cocktail sticks (to represent the edges) and jelly sweets (to represent the vertices). They then used their models to physically count the number of edges and vertices on the shapes that they built. The children displayed some amazing team work and Miss Rogers was so proud of how well they worked together- they made a range of 3D shapes such as a cube, cuboid, square based pyramid, triangular based pyramid and triangular prism. A special mention to Elsie, Archie and Aidan’s team who made them all!